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What does Men’s suit consist of? What are the occasions to wear a suit? Though suits might look precisely similar on the surface even they hold certain differences. A basic suit consists of a jacket, a pair of trousers or pants, a shirt and a tie or a bow-tie. Though suits may seem formal with the changing trends, you can witness the transitional properties of a suit. Today men wear suits for different occasions, events and functions contrasting in styles. You have various options, either dress up in the traditional Mens Church Suits or opt for something exotic which you can avail from Mens Suit World.

Some may shun the suit option as formal but remember the suits can be made trendy as well. Just as a black dress is a staple dress that should be in the cupboard of a woman similarly suits are for Men. Being globally chosen attire, the Suits come in different designs and patterns which can be availed at Mens Suit World at affordable prices.

Below are some popular types of Men Suits listed:

  • Single Breasted:  While opting for Mens Church Suits, the single breasted suits are preferred a lot. These have one button and do not overlap and can even be two buttoned or three. They are also known as British style suits thus, providing a casual look.

  • Double Breasted: If you are tall and want to show your poise? Then the double breasted suits which generally come with four to six buttons should opt. These do not have any flaps at the back. Such suits come two front overlapping providing a conservative look.

  • Lounge Suits: You can term them as formal suits for a normal day. Such suits can even be considered as Mens Church Suits if the wrinkle free and clean. While working for long hours, we prefer clothing that is comfortable. The lounge suits are the best options for such clothing. One can pair it with or without a tie. Here the single breasted with two buttons are preferred as the professionals at Mens Suit World are experts at designings.

  • Dinner Suits: They are the traditional black tie suits which are mainly preferred in dark colors. But lately, slim fitting of such suits are preferred.

  • Business Suits: Want to go for a formal and stylish look? A business suit is the most preferred option. They are very different from lounge suits and are more conservative and formal. The best chosen is the pinstripe suit. The single breasted and the double breasted also go well with it.

  • Mandarin Suits: Want to wear an elegant looking suit for your evening party? Try searching for a mandarin suit which comes with a Nehru collar or a band collar. Such suits are mainly worn with full buttons on, thus providing a lean stature.

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