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Manicure tips, we harvest at-all-goes between the tips pretty crazy and those of our best friend sometimes questionable, difficult to discern the true from the false.

For the health of the nail, do not wear your nail polish more than 3 days. Really?

The varnish has no deadline. If it’s 3, 8 or 10 days, we can keep it. Where you have to be careful is between 2 polish breaks. You must not remove your lacquer and give another one right away. It’s worse than keeping 10 days the same polish! Care is needed between each pose. For this, we must start by removing the varnish with a solvent without acetone, so as not to dry the nail. Then, we must repel the skins that were deposited during the week when we were wearing nail polish. If necessary, we file a little nail and we pass a shot of pumice soft block on the surface. This removes the layer of keratin that has been attacked by the newly laid nail polish and leaves on a healthy base.

Glittered top coats are not recommended. True or false?

They are difficult to remove and women are often forced to scratch what their solvent has not eliminated. This damages the keratin surface of the nail. The glitter merges with the polish and drink the product. The bigger the straw, the more difficult it is to remove the varnish. You must always apply a glittery top coat over 2 layers of colored polish and never to nail, it is very bad. Our advice to remove a glittery top coat? Soak small cottons of solvent and put them on each nail. When the color goes up and appears through the cotton in transparency, we can then remove the cotton by making a small pressure.

A coat of white varnish is necessary before the application of a fluorescent varnish

It can be done because the fluorescent varnish has pigments that are not very concentrated and therefore not very covering. For a green flow, it is generally necessary to apply 3 layers before obtaining an opaque effect so the white can be a very good solution. On the other hand, it must absolutely be applied uniformly. If some places are thicker than others, it will come out a lot with the flow. With kodi professional  the thing can be done perfectly.

The binder carnations are a good way to get a perfect French manicure

We did not know this technique honestly. Why not, it all depends on the shape of the nail. If it is rounded, the carnation will fall pile-hair as they say. On the other hand, for a person who has a flat and wide nail, the eyelet will be too round and it will not be very aesthetic. Some stickers sold in the trade can also help but the best way to get a clean French manicure is to do everything by hand. There is always a risk of burr or micro-bead when taking off the stickers.

Always start with nail polish in the middle of the nail. True or false ?

There is no rule, you have to be comfortable. We can start with the middle and then bring the material once to the left, once to the right. The most experienced can go from one side and stretch the material over the entire surface of the nail.

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